how to plant

1. Terms grow
Onion can be grown in the rice field soil or moor, until the texture is being tough. Alluvial soil type, humus or Glei Latosol, pH 5.6 - 6.5, 0-400 mdpl altitude, humidity 50-70%, temperature 25-320 C

2. Soil Processing
Manure spread on land with a dose of 0,5-1 tons / 1000 m2
in the tractor (leave + 1 week)
Created with the area-wide 120 -180 cm
Among the planting area made water channel (canal) with a width of 40-50 cm and 50 cm depth.
When soil pH is less than 5.6 were given doses dolomite + 1.5 tons / ha of land spread over the ground and stirred with the flat land leave 2 weeks ago.
To prevent the attack of the disease faded taburkan GLIO 100 gr (1 bale GLIO) mixed with 25-50 kg of manure mature, diamkan 1 week ago sebar is evenly distributed on the area.

3. Fertilizer Basics
Give fertilizer: Urea + 2-4 kg 7-15 kg 15-25 kg ZA + SP-36 evenly over the area of land and stirred with the flat land.
Used or if compound NPK Fertilizer (15-15-15) dose ± 20 kg / 1000 m2 mixed evenly with the soil in the area of land.

SUPER NASA is fertilizer that has been mixed in the water evenly over the area of land with a dose of 10 ± botol/1000 m2 way:
- Alternative 1: 1 bottle of Super NASA diluted in 3 liters of water as main solvent. Then every 50 lt water 200 cc solution given earlier for the parent flush area.
- Alternative 2: every 1 seprot given volume 10 lt 1 spoon to eat Super Peres NASA to flush 5-10 meters area.
Leave for 5 - 7 days

4. Elections Seeds
- The size of seed tubers is optimal 3-4 grams / tubers.
- Umbi good seeds that have been stored tubers 2-3 months and still in bonds (tubers still have leaves)
- Umbi seedlings should be healthy, marked with a compact form tubers (not porous), the skin is not injured tubers (not exfoliate or shimmer)


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